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  HIM Professionals
  • Good Line Rates
  • Internet-based accounts
  • All MTs who contract for work from Phoenix are Independent Contractors
  • No Exclusivity

Experienced, qualified transcriptionists are paid line rates that are competitive with today's rates. We pay on a 65 character line, headers and footers included.  The rate that we pay may be based on worktype, volume, consistency, and quality of work.  Our payment translates to very good hourly rates, which is the bottom line for MTs.  We provide QA support for all work for the first five days, and continuous support for occasional questions and blanks, with feedback provided. However, as experienced MTs, work must stand alone with only occasional questions and blanks in order to remain at an experienced line rate.

We have internet -based accounts with acute care and specialty practice work, as well as voice system work, such as Lanier and Dictaphone.  Both the proprietary Word-based software we use for some transcription as well as our internet platform, provide a very high rate of production for experienced MTs.

We feel our line rates are competitive and fair. We consistently revise our MT program to provide the most productivity possible. We feel that looking at how much you can make an hour on our platforms should determine the benefits of being an IC for Phoenix, not the line rate of one company versus another. Whether or not you can make a fair and/ or significant rate per hour on our programs should be the deciding factor.

With Phoenix, you only type the reports. The program automatically generates the log as you type, and it also counts your lines. Communication with our main office is minimal and usually via e-mail so your production isn’t interrupted.  There is no requirement for faxing back and forth from the office. It’s a nice, clean system, allowing you to simply transcribe and we do the clerical.

We realize that as ICs, you set your own hours and you determine the volume of work that you contract for. All we require is that we meet our clients' needs regarding turnaround and quality. The IC has the option of turning down any STAT worktype if that doesn't meet their timeframe. 

Direct Deposit is offered free of charge, and will begin at the start of the third pay period.

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