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  HIM Professionals

We require a minimum of 3 years experience for Acute Care work, and 2 years experience transcribing for a specialty practice, clinic, surgery center, etc. Production environment experience essential. This is a major metropolitan market with primarily teaching institutions, and therefore, some ESLs will be encountered. Since all our docs are affiliated with a teaching facility, with very technical surgeries and diagnoses, the IC is required to have the skill and ability to transcribe a variety of disciplines every single day. Doctor practice work demands excellent skill in grammar and spelling, as well as the love of meticulous attention to detail.

There is NO exclusivity required to be an IC for Phoenix MedCom. We fully expect our IC's to contract with other services. IC's must submit a business card to Phoenix showing they are a medical transcription contractor.

As an Independent Contractor, you determine the volume of work that you contract for. We have never experienced a prolonged work shortage, so you can type to whatever limits you set for yourself. We have work 24/7.  We do not over-assign an account, so there’s no fighting to get your lines. You will have the opportunity to transcribe specific accounts.  However, to achieve a significantly high volume, you will need to type more than one account.

We have a testing site and all applicants are tested using the same standards. You will have to achieve a significantly high score on this test to ensure that you will be able to easily transcribe the work provided without a struggle daily to achieve your lines and to provide a quality report. Typos are heavily weighed, as are drug misspellings and common term misspellings. The test is taken on line, and the site includes instructions for downloading the voice and playing it through your sound card or a wave player.

A Pentium class (at least Pentium III), 400 megahertz computer with a large hard driveHigh Speed Internet Access. 

The majority of our work is done utilizing our internet- based program, which requires that you have High Speed Internet Access.

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